ABZ 2020 – 7th International Conference on
Rigorous State Based Methods

The ABZ conference is dedicated to the cross-fertilization of state-based and machine-based formal methods, like Abstract State Machines (ASM), Alloy, B, TLA, VDM and Z, that share a common conceptual foundation and are widely used in both academia and industry for the design and analysis of hardware and software systems. The conference aims for a vital exchange of knowledge and experience among the research communities around different formal methods.


Due to several requests, we decided to extend the deadline.. The new deadlines for the case study are the same as the deadlines for research papers (see below).

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The name ABZ goes back to the first conference in London in 2008, where the ASM, B and Z conference series were merged into a joint event. In the following years other formal methods were added, e.g. Alloy in 2010 (Orford, Canada), VDM in 2012 (Pisa, Italy), and TLA + in 2014 (Toulouse, France). After the also successful 2016 conferences in Linz, Austria and 2018 in Southampton, UK, it was decided to name the conference "ABZ: International Conference on Rigorous State Based Methods", to stress the openness for further state-based formal methods. We hope to continue many fruitful discussions between representatives of the individual methods in the past, which will bring us closer to the common goal of this research community: the creation of reliable and safe software.

Contributions are solicited on all aspects of the theory and applications of rigorous state-based methods (e.g. ASMs, Alloy, B, TLA, VDM, Z) in software/hardware engineering, including the development of tools and industrial applications. The program spans from theoretical and methodological foundations to practical applications, emphasizing system engineering methods and tools that are distinguished by mathematical rigor and have proved to be industrially viable. The main goal of the conference is to contribute to the integration of accurate state- and machine-based system development methods, clarifying their commonalities and differences to better understand how to combine different approaches for accomplishing the various tasks in modeling, experimental validation, mathematical verification of reliable high-quality hardware/software systems.

ABZ 2020 will have a main conference track, a case study track, tutorials, and workshops.

Medieval city skyline of Ulm
Medieval city skyline of Ulm
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Front view of Ulm University (Photo: Ulm University)