The city of Ulm is located in the south of Germany in the middle between Stuttgart and Munich on the Danube. The history of this traditional city goes back to the year 854 and is present in many historical buildings, museums and cultural institutions. Ulm is famous for its cathedral – Ulm Minster – with the tallest church tower in the world, the largest fortress in Europe, the birthplace of Albert Einstein, Hans and Sophie Scholl, and Ulm School of Design.

Ulm Minster
World's tallest church: Ulm Minster
Medieval city skyline of Ulm
Medieval city skyline of Ulm with the Danube in the foreground

Ulm University was founded in 1967 and has 10.000 students. Located on the hill Eselsberg Ulm University is the highest university of Germany. In good weather you can see the Alps. But no worry: tram line 2 brings you within ten minutes from Ulm main station up the hill to Ulm University. The campus is surrounded by meadows and forests, as well as research and development facilities of well-known companies. For ABZ 2020, the so-called "multimedia room" will serve as conference venue.

South entrance of Ulm University
South entrance of Ulm University (Photo: Ulm University)
Ulm University
Ulm University West (Photo: Ulm University)
Conference room at Ulm University
Conference room at Ulm University (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt)